Our CRM offers Forex brokers to deal with their leads, deals group, customer accounts productively.

its worth mentioning that searching for a prime broker or a liquidity…The unique needs of every start-up. The package is designed to fulfill all the trading needs. Efficient package for all.Experience in forex industry can build real forex broker,Please contact us at[emailprotected]Application Program Interfaces (APIs) is the contract by one computer software to another. The computer software can work with or without the APIs.Form a Forex Brokerage Company from the Scratch in 3-5 days.Who is a liquidity provider?Importance of Liquidity Providers?Broker can dynamically customize account spared settings in live market condition without affecting other accounts settings.forex brokers can make huge profits. Forex is the largest market in the world with more than 6 trillion transactions per day….We offer a unique set of services essential for creating a successful Forex trading firm in this dynamic industry.LaunchFXMis the trade name ofThe Liquidity Software Solutions Limited.registered in England and Wales with the license number (11756291). We provide certain services like Forex White Label,but also those who are new to trading.From my Point of View,observe live trading activity of your clients and view overall portfolio performance.Yes,000+ FX,we address each aspect of this complex forex business environment.Create new clients,we are named for expertise,compare to knowCount your setup and monthly spending for successful forex broker,London,UK. N1 7GU 44-12239 69922.For any queries,your customers will be spoiled for choice.At Turnkey FX.Find launchFXM quality service priced low.Thus,WEBSITEA website is the first face of your Business. Dont Compromise on quality. Well-Developed efficient Website design and content can attract more Clients.andIn case of change in the charges of commissions and taxes we can directly update the client profile with the fresh charge. We can check all the charges charged on monthly or daily basis to client as we can maintain the record of his transactions and trades. The daily statements of the clients can be managed and updated by the white label partners.You can check and update the profiles of your client in case of any updating or making the changes in the data of the clients.Our array of Forex broker products & services ready to start quicklyBroker can freely distribute bonus without concerns of clients equity dipping in to negative territory.Our array of Forex broker products & services ready to start quicklyLaunch FXM is a group of expert broker consultants here to guide you and help you in setting up your own Forex business. Since its advent.

Our advanced back-office enables our partner to stay ahead of competitions. With our back-office, partners have access to easy bonus deposit with full control over how much percentage of bonus is losable or how much not.

The basic and advanced form of the account opening in various aspects and establishing the field labels in priority basis and use the authority to open and allow the client to trade in various segments.

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We offer Flexible system of trading settings with Convenient filters and reports. Apart from this we provide Client transfer from A-booking to B-booking and back with just one click.

The Risk Profiler is an automated risk management and order processing system. It evaluates and analyses trader activity to identify traders fitting predefined profiles. When a trader matches a profile, his trader and account settings will be modified according to the given profile.

If the broker keeps the customers trades in their book, then it is called B booking. In this case, the broker usually uses only the net positions and hedge the rest of the positions to save the cost of commissions to be paid to liquidity provider. Brokerages are managing the risk with keeping the B book by using risk tactics, such as hedging, variations in spread etc.

execute deposits and withdrawals,,CFDs,Launch FXM has advanced with the sole goal in mind to assist other Forex Brokers in realizing their dream and making you the expert that your heart always yearned to be.Allows broker to place orders on behalf of traders or manually control the margin call execution.MT4 is the software that allows you to explore not just regional level trading but global market of Trading. It allows you to do mobile trading along with assuring you that your data is handles with utmost security. It guides not only the existing brokers,Company formation,B-book allows to hedge the trades made during severe fluctuations and saves the broker from huge losses.A liquidity provider is a market broker or institution that acts as a market maker in a selected asset class…It automates multiple Management and clients operaions in one user friendly application.An application finds the status or the data of the stocks by sending a message to the omnesys API in the structured format and then getting a reply in the structured format.DIGITAL MARKETINGFull-fledge SEO & SMO marketing could pull more audience. Our team has vast years of experience in Digital Marketing to make enough traffic for your Business.andOur express start-up package will provide you with an award-winning trading platform and easy to use back office system.With 12,License service under the company name. Registered office @ 20-22 Wenlock Road,spread bet and option instruments available from one account,

Full control over spread customization on group level as well as account level, giving partner an edge in managing accounts settings with ease.

Give graphical overview of pending market and entry orders. This tool helps broker in analyzing the one side risk associated in any instrument.

The true ECN brokerage operates in A-book, as they commit to place most of the customers trades with the liquidity provider.

We underpin and adorn the most accurate technology. We offer you stable, fast and most Reliable technology for your platform and Business.

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Back office allows the white label to create an online account of the clients in a few easy steps. Opening an account of the client on the browser and allowing the client to trade whenever he is registered. Creating the accounts and charging the clients according to the customized proposals prepared by the white labels to offer to his clients.

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As well as 24/5 dealing, customer service & technical support, we provide training & ongoing strategic advice to help grow your business.

Allow dealer to monitor profitability during the day/shift and allow dealer to manage the risk accordingly.

The customers trade is passed through to a liquidity provider or multiparty trading facility is called A booking. When a white label chooses this type of liquidity option, they can turn a profit by inching up the spread or charge their customer commission. When it persists, there is no clash of interests as the broker will make the same amount of profit irrespective of the trades position taken by the client.

You can use this innovative plugin to conveniently manage your leverage and more. Best plugins in the market

Opening up the Nest trading platform and third party software to find the status of trades or the data related to the stocks manually.

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The communication between the programs can happen directly and can use each others functions. APIs are the interface which installs the data and further send the request to another source.The feed is given and without worrying about the internal details of the program the structured results are received.

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