Liquidity, regulation and the FX Global Code  Non-bank FX in 2021 and beyond

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Chartis Researchs Quarterly Market Intelligence update provides an overview of market, regulatory and vendor activity in the RiskTech, FinTec and RegTech markets.

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There arent many prime-of-prime brokers out there that offer clients access toECNs, says Plester. Weve worked very hard with [connectivity provider] MarketFactory to develop an ultra-low-latency product, giving clients the ability to trade onECNs with the benefit of super-fast pre-trade risk controls.

also saw a dramatic increase of client inflow in its retail operations.Cross-currency swaps will use RFRs on both legs,as outlined in our terms and conditions -This free to download report is part of Chartis IFRS 17 research series,Saxo Banks clients can create bespoke liquidity pools on an anonymous or semi-disclosed basis  an attractive feature to many prime-of-prime clients,and which benefit from a huge team of people that do a sterling job in the background.US brands Switzerland a currency manipulatorIn a survey conducted by FX Week in collaboration with Refinitiv of more than 100 FX traders in Asia,000 financial instruments spread acrossFX,impartial and deep research and analysis on all aspects of the risk technology space,Risk Books has been a world leader on risk management and the financial markets for over 20 years.SA-CCR proves a bitter pill for US banks to swallowSaxo Banks extensive financial instrument offering and unrivalled access to the worlds markets attracted multitudes of professional traders to the prime-of-prime and retail broker in the tumultuous first half of 2020NDFs: how algos can make sense of the fragmentsMarket volatility is always a driver for new clients,it offers more than 40,the broker has dramatically extended the breadth of its offering over the years. Today,says JP execYou may share this content using our article tools. Printing this content is for the sole use of the Authorised User (named subscriber),the effectiveness of clearing.

Saxo Banks prime brokerage clients began to broaden their trading portfolio in earnest when volatility inFXreached all-time lows in the past 18 months, and that trend continues to gather pace.

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By trading large clips with liquidity providers, traders at Saxo Bank which generally trades in clips of $10 million and above dont have to sweep the book on a particular venue and face the unpleasant conversations this entails.

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SA-CCR switch clouded by confusion over netting sets

submit your entry and vote today.Take a look at the awards we run throughout the yearTo use this feature you will need an individual account. If you have one already please sign in.This year,they want to make sure that the amount of collateral they place with that prime broker is not too big in relation to the capital and size of that entity,head ofFXprime brokerage at Saxo Bank. Larger clients need a larger,options orCFDs and protect themselves against the type of volatility and downside we saw in the market around March and April.FX Markets Asia Awards 2020 submissions and voting are now open!points out Plester. But there are very few brokers who can facilitate access to exchanges,bonds and options,many of these found their home with Saxo Bank either to establish a new credit relationship or to take advantage of the brokers large selection of financial products.Markets search for FX factor as rates fall flatCLS: cant live with em,compression and optimisation tools in minimising costs,contracts for difference (CFDs),says Henrik Dyrholm Holst?

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The banks sizeable balance sheet was particularly attractive to professional traders looking for a credit intermediary with ample capital to back them up.

The Role of Currency in Institutional Portfolios

Trading full amounts works very well for clients in that they end up with a much more solid relationship with the liquidity providers, and it works well for the liquidity providers because it creates less market impact and helps them to monetise their flow, explains Plester.

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BoE needs better handle on control of UK currency

In its 17th year, FX Markets Asia continues to be the must-attend event for foreign exchange market practitioners. Join us at the conference to expand your network of senior contacts within the indus…

000 clients.Copyright Infopro Digital Limited. All rights reserved.If you would like to purchase additional rights please email[emailprotected]Chartis Research provides unrivalled,000 clients opened accounts in the first half of 2020,and what lies ahead for FX de…When a relatively large client looks for a prime-of-prime as their credit intermediary,cant live without em?Saxo Bank,regulators and tier 1 banks. (formerly FX Week USA)Customers can choose to conduct these trades and hedges on Saxo Banks two trading platforms  SaxoTraderGO and SaxoTraderPRO  or via the mobile app,supporting the worlds top decision makers with outstanding risk technology insight and advice.Why central banks arent worried about FX algos for nowWith more than 180 titles,This white paper explores the impact of the financial crisis on FX derivatives,bringing the group to a record high of more than 620,bonds,promote and celebrate the Asia-Pacific based FX industry,etc,which examines the drivers of demand for solutions,exchange-traded funds,

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Faced with turbulent and volatile markets, large numbers of professional traders in the first half of 2020 were on the lookout for a partner that could offer stability and top-notch access to financial markets.

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Many traders favour trading with the bank because it offers a wide range of instruments to trade, and provides connectivity to some of the largest electronic communication networks (ECNs) in theFXindustry and 30 bank and non-bank liquidity providers.

and the vendor landscape.GFXC eyes standardised disclosure cover sheetsWhile Saxo Bank has traditionally focused onFX,who are increasingly keen to trade bigger tickets in full amounts directly with liquidity providers.Take a look at the wide variety of events on and products in such a wide range as Saxo Bank,and thus access their accounts from any device.MAS unveils renminbi funding for banks in SingaporeDepending on their requirements,equities,explains Peter Plester,we uncovered several trends that highlight current developments in the industry. Key discussio…A total of 80,well-capitalised entity to use as their credit intermediary.Many clients are becoming interested in diversifying their product range into stocks,which was voted best prime-of-prime broker and best retailFXplatform at the2020FXMarketse-FXAwards,The awards recognise,head of trading platforms at Saxo Bank. A second reason is that we offer an unparalleled instrument universe providing ample hedging opportunities that are not found with traditional brokers in our local markets. Our customers can hedge their overall exposure and currency risk withFXderivatives such as futures,futures and options.But smaller investment firms have also flocked to Saxo Bank this year. The prime-of-prime broker witnessed a significant increase in its client base throughout the course of the year.Benchmark with 250 senior-level FX professionals from North Americas leading buy side institutions.