Flexible Integration with Client Trading Systems, Institutional Dealing Services, Access to Alternative Venues of Liquidity, Anonymity.

FX Prime Brokerage tools are designed for advanced high-volume traders, Investments Funds, Asset Managers and Institutional Traders. Soft-FX is glad to offer them a wide range of functionality:

is achieved by special tools set called FDK. FDK or FX Development Kit provides two levels of documented API: basic and extended. Basic API is useful for traders developing expert advisers, scripts and indicators. Extended API is focused on professional traders and brokers. It enables multi-connections, provides an opportunity to develop plugins and GUI. This level of API might be used outside of a clients terminal. Another level of communication with server is implemented via standard and widespread public protocol.

is based on the information on the liquidity available. Smart Order Routing system automatically routes the orders to the appropriate liquidity venue to ensure that a clients order is executed at the best available BID or OFFER price. The system also provides you with an order allocation status (allocated, not allocated, cancelled etc.)

our customizable Graphic User Interface (GUI) allows users to customize their views of the market, join all available liquidity channels into a single screen, full-depth liquidity view sorted by market, size, orders and execution status etc.

the clients are given a chance to take advantage of a price difference between two or more Banks or Liquidity Providers.

To view demo version of the product as well as to get more detailed information about it a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) must be signed. Please, contact[emailprotected]

Our core value is creating reliable solutions. We guarantee error-free and stable operation of our software.

Reporting is key to efficient risk management. All our products come with an advanced reporting system.

All our products undergo rigorous software testing before release.

Our software makes complicated processes and calculations very easy to manage with it intuitive user friendly design.

Each solution can be customized to meet the customers business needs.

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