Tradeviews high level of capitalisation and its exisitng relationships with leading liquidity providers and banks and non-banks allows us to offer a unique service

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Servicing Hedge Funds, High Frequency Traders, Corporates and CTAs, Tradeview Prime delivers a unique vision for global FX trading – a transparent, neutral, level playing field for all market participants. The minimum to open an institutional liquidity deal at these rates is $100,000 and $2,000 per month in commission fees generated.

Prime brokers allow their clients to trade with multiple brokers, market makers and banks using a single margin account.

Nowadays its much harder to establish credit relationships with major banks. Aside from the capitalisation requirements (between $5 and $25 million) the terms are now stricter, the credit lines much tighter and many of them simply do not want to deal with any new counterparties.

TradeView Prime allows your business to access deep, competitively priced, top-tier liquidity with significantly lower margin requirements. Unlike traditional prime brokers, we are able to offer a complete FX service, tailored specifically to your needs.

TradeView Prime offers tailored liquidity aggregation, white-label technology and prime brokerage services as an all-in-one FX solution. Our customers are FX Brokers, hedge funds, 2nd/3rd tier banks and corporates.

Our acquisition of Quotix, a dynamic technology company specialising in first class aggregation services, allows us to offer superior liquidity aggregation to banks, brokers, hedge funds and corporates. Our ability to aggregate all of our exposure allows us to provide our clients with the best interbank execution available.

As the FX industry has evolved, bridging software has become all the more important. Todays liquidity bridges extend the functionality of trading platforms like MT4, allowing brokers to offer their clients direct access to interbank liquidity while more effectively managing risk.

Rates sourced from clients, banks and non-bank liquidity providers, providing consistently tight spreads and depth. Liquidity is tailored to individual trader requirements.

Your trades are executed with FX and your credit counterparty is our Prime Broker (BNP Paris and/or BofA North America). We do not trade against our customers, all trades are immediately offset.

No per trade, monthly or installation fees. We understand that in order for you to choose FX, we must provide you with the most competitive rates available in the market.

is a credit facility for clients who do not have an FX Prime Broker or need additional credit lines in order to properly provide their cleints with tier 1 pricing.–>


246 hour global operations and technical support

Senior professionals tailor the service to your requirements and trading style, providing excellent execution and service

Advanced trade processing technology delivers fully integrated, accurate and secure trade processing:

Efficient settlement utilizing industry standard protocols, including FIX and Harmony

Automated straight-through processing (STP) vendor integration support (RTNS, Logiscope, Sierra, Charles River, Fund Studio, etc)

Highly secure infrastructure with strong encryption protocols, including digital certificates and dual authentication login

Flexible reporting customizable to your needs

Sophisticated pre and post-trade allocation capabilities

Offers each client several sources of liquidity, often resulting in better execution

Trades are priced with multiple counterparties and then executed at the best price.

In sourcing prices, the desk is able to aggregate normal market spreads narrower- especially when pricing Emerging Market trades.

The FX desk also uses numerous trading platforms to source the best prices available in the market.

More than 200 international and regional liquidity providers are connected to TradeView® platform, securing global liquidity and extremely competitive prices in FX, money market and derivative products. Below a selection of our liquidity providers.

PRIME Execution offers very specific FX execution advantages.

Motivated by the clients best interests- Our incentive is to provide the best execution by sourcing and aggregating prices

Preferential Pricing- The desk is able to leverage its aggregate volume to obtain preferred pricing from its counter-parties

Anonymous Trade Execution- Confidentiality is the foundation of our client relationship. The market only sees PRIMEs name behind each trade and never the client. Counterparties are unable to read our direction because of diverse client base

Direct access to over 25 FX Counterparties for superior liquidity

Comprehensive market coverage on a 24 hour basis

Service is tailored to the clients needs, providing real business solutions.

We have been servicing some of the most recognized names in the CTA and Hedge Fund community for over 20 years

Desk traders have average of 20 years experience

Client may specify order execution approach, or leave it to our professional judgment

All types of orders and call levels accepted: stops, bid/offer trades, limits, contingent orders, and special requests

Order implementation specialists: new levels are calculated and orders are adjusted automatically

As demand for EFP transaction increases, so has our efforts to provide the EFP service our clients expect

This advantage creates two opportunities to improve execution for our clients

A) A better spot fill results in a better futures fill

B)More competitive EFP points can further improve the futures price

The volume of EFP business we do has given PRIME Execution Services the chance to determine which counterparties are the best EFP outlets

The desk is able to leverage this volume to PRIME preferential EFP pricing, as it does with its spot business

The EFP relationships have been fine tuned over time to eliminate problems that prevent the futures contracts from posting to the correct account

Market news and information on fixed income, currencies, commodities, and equities

Streaming FX Spot all major currency pairs, crosses and EM currencies

Focused on executing complex security trades, providing portfolio managers with ongoing information related to the market and trading environment, providing risk management and trade opportunities analysis, providing dialogue and strategies related to execution and investment opportunities. Opportunistic and timely trading under tense market and environmental conditions. Our team understands the challenge on Stock Lending and delivers accurate and timely solutions to our clients needs.

Using our real-time margin system, customers are able to increase their leverage. Calculations are done in real time for U.S. stocks, OCC stock and index options and U.S. single stock futures positions throughout the day based on the real-time price of the equity positions in the Portfolio Margin account.

Must have at least $5,000,000.00 in account equity

Portfolio and Risk based margin. Conservative portfolios have lower margin requirements compared to risker portfolios.

Initial and maintenance margin requirements are the same. There is no additional capital needed to enter a position.


This is one of many state of the art IBX centers in key metropolitan areas throughout EMEA that offer a full range of premium colocation, interconnection and support services to a wide range of secure digital ecosystems built by networks, enterprise, content, cloud and IT services companies and financial institutions.

Electrical Capacity 1.5 10 kVA per cabinet

UPS Configuration 14 UPS systems comprising of 3x 500 kVA UPS module units (N+1)

UPS Topology Distributed redundant topology configured as 2(N+1) at the client cabinet

of Power Transformers Two power transformers at 24 MVA

Standby Power Multiple 2.2 MVA 11 kV generator sets

Lighting High frequency, low energy, CAT II luminaries

Cooling Capacity 1.2 kW/m² (4095 BTUH) up to 18x 1 MW chillers in an N+1 configuration

Cooling Plant 12x 1 MW centrifugal chillers (N+1)

Cross Connects Single-Mode fiber, Multi-Mode fiber (62.5 and 50 micron), CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6a, CAT5 (T1) and COAX 2mb and 45mb

Metro Connect Managed Ethernet Extends choice and reach for carrier and network availability across metro areas offering Metro Connect Managed Ethernet Metro GigE and FastE

TVMarkets Central switch for public and private peering offering LINX

TVMarkets Carrier Ethernet Exchange Enables Ethernet Service Providers to interconnect to CENs and expand the reach of Ethernet services offering 1 Gig and 10 Gig

TVMarkets Connect Automated network provisioning, multi-homing and billing offering Single-Homed GigE and FastE, Multi-Homed GigE and FastE

Physical Ballistic glass mantrap and air lock, full height in and out turnstiles

Electronic 247 monitoring, digital CCTV backed by 90 days of digitally recorded material, biometric palm scanner at the entrance, photo ID access card, intruder alarm, external radar motion tracking

TVMarkets is committed to providing standards-compliant data centers, with many of our facilities having undergone audits for SSAE16 or receiving certification for ISO or LEED. Additionally, our IBX data centers are the recipients of industry awards in a variety of categories including operational reliability, market leadership and green initiatives. Please contact us to learn more about a particular facility.

We understand the importance of the Settlement process, our team has vast experience on the following subjects: Pre-Release, Pre-payment settlements, DVP, RVP, Margin, Portfolio Margin

Block trading and allocations (outbound DVP/RVP, give-up, and CMTA)

Domiciled & give-up (DVP/CMTA) trading Equities, Options, Futures & FX

Our multi-lingual trade desk and back office team provides high-touch service from our trade desk including multi-asset electronic and voice execution, block trading, allocations and special settlement accounts.

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TVCM Limited located in 15 Bromet Close Watford,

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