) is a wholesaleelectronic trading platformused to tradeforeign exchange(FX) with. It was originally created as a partnership by a number of the worlds largest banks and is now part ofNEX Group.

EBS was created by a partnership of the worlds largestforeign exchange(FX)in 1990 to challengeReutersthreatenedmonopolyin interbankspot foreign exchangeand provide effective competition. By 2007, approximately US$164 billion inspotforeign exchange transactions were traded every day over EBSscentral limit order book, EBS Market.citation needed

EBSs closest competitor isReuters Dealing 3000Spot Matching. The decision by an FX trader whether to use EBS or Thomson Reuters Matching is driven largely bycurrency pair. In practice, EBS is the primarytrading venuefor EUR/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, EUR/CHF and USD/CNH, and Thomson Reuters Matching is the primary trading venue for commonwealth (AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD) and emerging market currency pairs.citation needed

EBS initiated e-trading in spot precious metals, spanning spot gold, silver, platinum and palladium, and remains the leading electronic broker in spot gold and silver through the Loco London Market.citation needed

They were the first organisation to facilitate orderly black box oralgorithmic tradingin spot FX, through anapplication programming interface(API). By 2007 this accounted for 60% of all EBS flow.citation needed

In addition to spot FX and Precious Metals, EBS has expanded trading products through its venues to include NDFs, forwards and FX options. It has also increased the range of trading style to include RFQ and streaming in disclosed and non-disclosed environments.citation needed

EBS was acquired byICAP, the worlds largestinter-dealer broker, in June 2006.1

In 2014, EBS merged with BrokerTec a service provider in the fixed income markets to form EBS BrokerTec. BrokerTecs offering comprises tradingsolutionsfor many US and European fixed income products including US Treasuries, European Government Bonds and European Repo.citation needed

EBS Spot Ai (application program interface (API) between the customers trading system and the EBS Spot market)

EBS Prime (access for the interbank and professional trading communities to the best EBS Spot prices from an EBS Prime bank)

EBS Metals (electronic spot broking for the precious metals market)

EBS NDFs (electronic spot broking for non-deliverable FX pairs)

EBS Live (live streaming prices delivered with minimum latency direct from EBS to the customers market data distribution platform)

EBS Ticker (third-party system distribution of EBS Spot prices)

EBS Rates (desktop view of EBS Spot prices, available through the Thomson Reuters Eikon and3000xtra desktopas well as theBloomberg Terminalservice)

EBS Data Mine (unique and certified historical data from 1997 onwards)

ICAP Agrees to Buy Electronic Currency Broker EBS, Hamish Risk and Andrew Reierson,Bloomberg, 2006-04-21

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