Compensation of costs for deposit / withdrawal

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ICE FX executes absolutely all trades at external counterparties.

We prove this by demonstrating online our back office with the counterparty.

Professional investments available to everyone

Accounts classification by level of professionalism

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An effective and useful risk management system protects the traders and investors capital against unexpected losses.

The trader will not allow his losses resulting from a psychoemotional state or other negative factors to go beyond the limit set by him.

The investor can create an effective accounts portfolio based on a predetermined maximum risk.

A total of 95 instruments are available for trading

Ultrafast processing of orders less than 1 ms

Flexible management of orders on an ECN account

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The stage of the Genesis and Genesis Prime contests is finished

Change of the minimum deposit and withdrawal amounts

Termination of operation with payment system – ePayments

Register and be one of the first to learn about all the events in ICE FX

ICE FX is in constant search for professional managers.

One of the highest paying affiliate programs in the industry.

Marginal trading is held in foreign exchange markets because of significant risks that may lead to partial or complete loss of capital.

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