(FX Alliance Inc) is aforeign exchange aggregatorprovidingelectronic tradingto banks and brokers using anelectronic communication networkwith headquarters in New York. The company provides electronic trading in theforeign exchange marketto institutional clients usingstraight through processing. Clients include active traders, asset managers, corporate treasurers, market makers, broker-dealers and prime brokers. The company has been asubsidiaryofRefinitivsince 2018.

FXall began operations in 2000 as a dealing platform for a consortium of 16 banking institutions, each owning between three and five percent of the company. By 2003 it had grown to having trading volume of $9bn overtaking its main rivals.1

In 2012 the company was acquired byThomson Reutersfor $625 million.2

After Thomson Reuters sold a majority stake in its Financial & Risk (F&R) unit to private equity firmBlackstone Group LPin 2018, the new business, now calledRefinitiv, became the owner of FXall.3

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Thomson Reuters unit to be renamed Refinitiv after Blackstone deal

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