FXOpen Prime front-line technology is aimed at professional market participants (brokers, hedge-funds, banks, large financial instituions, etc.). A wide network of direct connections to all major sell-side vendors allows us to offer robust deep liquidity and consistent execution for all types of trading strategies, HFT and toxic flows included.

FXOpen is here to ensure the efficient and reliable deliverable FX experience. As a leading FX broker, we can provide:

FXOpen Prime offers to its clients access to a unique Electronic Communication Network for foreign exchange, precious metal and bitcoin trading.

Our user friendly free application provides you the possibility to effortlessly control your accounts and trades. All you need is an access to the Internet!

Check real-time market data, receive the latest economic and financial news, open trades and track trading account balance with FXOpen TickTrader. With TickTrader, you can open orders in a matter of seconds, wherever you are.

TickTrader includes several defining features:

Check trade history logs and historical prices;

Track your assets and orders in the real-time;

Get access to live quotes with Depth of Market (L2)

Bets for quick trying out, no installation, just launch the app.

* Requires pre-installed Java on your computer.

We are working with more than 15 liquidity providers, including the worlds leading financial instituions – Bank of America, Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan and others.

Our partner network ensures excellent reliability and comfortable trading experience. Higher liquidity is desirable for everyone, and we believe that with our approach traders can achieve the most beneficial results.

Become the client of FXOpen and receive real-time quotes from the largest financial instituions.

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