is a Forex (FX) execution specialist which focuses on finding the best execution setup & most relevant value-added services for each professional customer

QUANTIC PRIME leverages high-quality technology, broad credit access to market through top-tier Prime Brokers and a wealth of experience in FX trading to offer premium execution and fully customized solutions which can provide for the most sophisticated trading needs of our clients. Clients have different trading profiles, therefore require different trading solutions and each setup has advantages and drawbacks.

Interbank platforms or MTFs do not have last look liquidity, have wider spreads and participants with sub-par infrastructures and are likely to miss prices when it matters.

Single bank portals offer tight pricing and their customers can benefit from price skews due to banks natural order flow, however banks also protect themselves from predatory behaviour with last look. ECNs are a maze of interest only and last look streams which submerge customers with market data leading to poor fill ratios if not appropriately managed. Buy-side high-frequency market makers can offer aggressive trading conditions and rebates but have small balance sheets and as a result, cannot handle large orders well.

Consider as well that each counterparty needs to assess:

whether to trade on ESP streaming prices or via full amount with RFQ/RFS?

which centre to connect to given where trades initiate from?

where to find the most liquidity for specific traded instruments?

or whether to direct flow exclusively to one market maker to maximize business profitability?

All these questions are just a few examples of essential factors complicating the equation.

Between flexible technology, top tier credit access to market and a team with expertise in the field, QUANTIC PRIME has put together a toolkit at its disposal to find the perfect setup for each clients unique situation.

Quantic has chosen SmartTrade as its global technology partner.

Thanks to its partnership with SmartTrade, QUANTIC PRIME has a choice of over 50 venues and can utilise an order crosser to distribute unique liquidity to its clients.

More importantly, SmartTrade does not charge its clients or LPs per million traded allowing best pricing between parties.

SmartTrade is used by the largest bank in FX for its connectivity (Citibank – Euromoney 2017) but also by large institutions like HSBC, RBS or Nomura to name a few. Beyond broad connectivity options, the technology allows customised order routing per client through a flexible OMS to optimise client setups further.

Regarding distribution, the technology has state of the art HTML 5 GUIs & FIX Gateways designed for the most demanding clients. By becoming a client of QUANTIC PRIME, clients will benefit from any improvements made to the technology by such top-tier institutions mentioned earlier.

As a result, QUANTIC PRIMEs clients will continuously benefit from high regulatory standards and will be at the forefront of trading technology.

QUANTIC PRIME works closely with Quantic Asset Management Lab Portfolio managers (referred to as Quantic AM Lab) whose aim is to discover trading talent. Quantic AM Lab leverages existing Quantic trading and regulatory infrastructure to allow money managers to grow their assets under management and succeed more rapidly.For more information

Following a methodology developed in 2005, QUANTIC PRIME collects market sentiment information from retail brokerages and distributes the information to buy-side clients as a contrarian indicator. For more information on our sentiment index pleaseemail QUANTIC PRIME.

QUANTIC PRIME is working closely with IBANFIRST an innovative specialist in physical FX payments to complement its FX offering in Spot, Forwards and Options. For more information about our treasury solutions pleaseemail QUANTIC PRIME.

Francois Nembrini brings 15 years of international financial services experience with expertise in foreign exchange brokerage for institutional markets. He most recently served as the global head of Sales and Trading at London Capital Group and was Global Head of Sales for FXCM Pro/Fastmatch, the online foreign exchange market broker, across New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo covering prime of prime, e-FX and voice services for over 13 years. Francois has experience handling a large variety of customers including central banks, top-tier banks, overlay currency funds, asset managers, quantitative/algo funds, online brokerages, CTAs and family offices.

Lisa Murphy has spent the last 15 years working in projects and operations for firms such as TradAir, Alpari, and FXCM. She is an innovative commercial project manager and problem-solver specializing in global Foreign Exchange. She has experience in retail, prime-of-prime and institutional brokerage, and in customer-facing and back-office functions. Her expertise brings together financial, technical, commercial and regulatory disciplines. She has a comprehensive knowledge of risk management for brokers and funds alike. She is well known in the industry for her expertise in the field.

IBANFIRSTis an expert in banking & physical FX payments licensed by the Bank of Belgium as a Payment Institution. IBANFIRST also has a branch in France recognized by ACPR (French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority).

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