efferies Prime Brokerage Services offers a full-service integrated prime brokerage platform that includes execution, centralized custody, securities lending, capital introduction and web-based portfolio and risk reporting. By providing the unique combination of personal attention and cutting-edge technology, we can accommodate the complex business requirements of the most sophisticated hedge funds.

Our prime brokerage service enables clients to trade from anywhere in the world, while centralizing all clearance, settlement, financial and administrative services. We consolidate all transactions into one account and provide outstanding portfolio and risk reporting through a multi-currency web-based platform.

We work closely with our clients in providing quality services, including portfolio management tools and data information delivery, securities lending and cutting edge technology. In addition, we offer value-added services such as access to an institutional trading desk, electronic trading, capital introduction and technology support.

Jefferies Prime Brokerage offers a secure way for investment managers or their accountants to track their portfolio accounts. Our experienced accounts rep team insures that client reports are detailed and settlement operations run efficiently.

The prime brokerage portal provides our clients with online access to our portfolio accounting platform. We provide full access through our website portal, and each user is provided with a unique username and password. The information on our website is available throughout the entire day, which provides clients with worldwide access to our reporting.

Jefferies is committed to maintaining the highest standards in secure, online reporting. Through our website portal, clients are able to query and check portfolio positions, transaction history, money balances, performance and risk reporting. The prime brokerage portal also gives clients access to Jefferies research, our securities lending desk and monthly broker-dealer statements.

With over 100+ reports to choose from, our account rep team assists clients in determining which reports are suited for their needs. Our team works with clients on an ongoing basis to ensure their needs are continually met. In addition, our clients are able to create their own custom reporting that can be used on a daily basis. Daily and monthly reports are provided for each account and consolidated reports contain summary information for all accounts. Reports are archived and historical reports can be retrieved online.

Portfolio Reporting that enables our clients to effectively manage their business on a daily and monthly basis. Clients have the ability to view an entire suite of reports, which consists of position holdings, transaction history, sector profit and loss, performance attribution, securities lending reporting and margin reporting.

Risk Reporting that helps our clients analyze their current portfolios and assists them with their investor presentations. Our clients receive updated risk statistics on a daily basis, which include features such as portfolio stress models and value-at-risk calculations. Our clients are able to view each securitys exposure attributed to the derivatives held on each underlying security.

Performance Reporting allows our clients to measure their performance versus multiple market indices. In addition, our clients are able to measure their performance segregated by asset class, underlying security or by trading strategy. We provide clients with a Real Time P&L application, which allows them to track their portfolios performance intraday during market trading hours.

Online Query functionality provides clients with the ability to access historical trade processing with customized parameters. Clients are able to create and maintain their own customer queries that help them manage their business.

Jefferies Prime Brokerage works with a broad range of hedge fund managers, from start-up funds to larger, established funds. Our capital introduction team works directly with these managers to customize a unique strategy and presentation that would be most effective for each individual manager. As our clients contact us regarding capital introduction, our team focuses on that clients individual needs and develops a process that would work best for their strategy.

The Capital Introduction process consists of organizing and hosting professional forums in which hedge fund managers may present their product to potential investors. The participants at these events are strategically planned to ensure that the managers presenting are introduced to the appropriate investors.

Jefferies Prime Brokerage is continually expanding our qualified investor relationships. The capital introduction team is responsible for introducing hedge fund managers to these qualified investor relationships. Jefferies makes no recommendation or warranty, express or implied, with respect to an investment with any manager or in any fund.

Our knowledge-driven sales and trading force provides our clients with best execution and outstanding liquidity in the global markets, with a focus on providing the highest level of attention and client service. We trade primarily the securities of growth and mid-cap companies in our areas of focus and seek to match buyers and sellers naturally, with minimal impact on the markets.

Jefferies is a leading market maker and trader of equity, high yield and convertible securities in the U.S. and international markets. We are also a market maker for institutional investors in investment grade fixed income securities, commodity indices, commodity futures and options.

Founded as a third-market equity trading firm in 1962, our sales and trading offering has evolved significantly to include a full suite of products, with a sectorized approach and blend of traditional sales and electronic trading strategies. With more than 800 sales, trading and execution professionals, Jefferies can help institutional investors with all their brokerage needs

Our focus on growing and mid-sized companies enables us to identify unique investment ideas, which can make the difference in a tough market. Jefferies research effort covers U.S. & International equity, high yield, convertibles, investment grade fixed income and post-reorganization securities, as well as special situations and quantitative research. The more than 120-person team of research professionals covers over 1,200 companies in more than 40 industries worldwide. Our analysts focus on identifying emerging industry themes and dig deeper to provide in-depth, thought provoking, objective research.

Our analysts use a variety of quantitative and qualitative tools, integrating field analysis, proprietary channel checks and ongoing dialogue with management, to generate investment ideas focused on the emerging themes and trends behind the numbers. We utilize the latest technologies to deliver a research product that is timely, differentiated, and tailored to each customers needs. Regular client access to companies and their management teams is provided through a wide variety of Jefferies hosted industry conferences, company management meetings and on-site tours.

Jefferies Prime Brokerage works closely with the Firms dedicated securities finance group, with professionals based in New York and London. The Firm leverages long standing industry relationships and an on-line network of lending clients to locate securities in every major market. Securities Finance is an important and significant business, playing a critical role in the efficient functioning of global securities markets. It is a regulated business, conducted using industry standard documentation.

Our securities finance group, with access to over $1 trillion in securities, works closely with both lenders and borrowers to further increase supply, identify securities finance opportunities and to structure potential transactions. Our integrated platform combines access to the resources of a full-service investment bank with the level of client service normally associated with a small private bank.

Jefferies has a strong foundation of capital strength as well as the ability to consolidate financing at competitive rates. Even though trades can be executed with a number of different brokers, positions can be financed in one location based on total portfolio size, often allowing clients to borrow at lower rates.

Jefferies has put in place a world-class team of experienced professionals with unmatched expertise in the sale and trading of equity derivatives and structured products. Through its product offering, the team offers important investment tools for institutions, corporations and private clients, including efficient access to the broad market, focused sector performance and flexibility. Jefferies specializes in equity derivatives for investors seeking to manage risk and optimize returns within the equities market. Our experienced, highly skilled derivatives sales and trading professionals understand the complexity of these types of securities, as well as the unique objectives of our customers. We are committed to expanding our arsenal of listed and over-the-counter transactions and product capabilities to meet the diverse needs of our institutional, corporate and private client base.

Jefferies award-winning JETS is used by money managers, mutual funds, banks, hedge funds, and other institutional firms that typically trade over 100,000 shares (or the equivalent) daily. JETS provide a convenient and flexible way to enter, monitor, revise, and cancel orders. Advanced filtering, sorting, and permissioning allows clients to customize their views. Features include Market Data, Full Market Depth, Market Events (News/Alerts), Charting/Technical Analysis.

Direct Market Access equity trading for traders that want to access the national markets directly (AMEX, ARCA, INET, NYSE)

Quantitative Strategies through algorithmic order servers to achieve the desired algorithmic outcome.

US Option Trading feature will show a montage of prices, deltas, gammas, and vegas at different strike prices and expiration months.

Jefferies Quantitative Execution Strategies help clients meet their benchmark goals, while minimizing both market impact and volatility (i.e., opportunity or trend) cost. Algorithmic strategies include the following.