Leverage is a key weapon in the highly competitive world of forex trading that can work for or against you. Most forex brokers outside of the US offer up to 200:1 leverage, however, there are a number brokers who are willing to go beyond this.

In ranking the forex brokers with the highest leverage, we examine maximum leverage, whether brokers apply leverage uniformly or vary leverage by pair, vary by account type or allow you to set leverage based on your individual risk tolerance.

up to 400:1 leverage for premium, currenex, fixed spread, and auto accounts

up to 300:1 leverage for VIP and PAMM accounts

1000:1 leverage on FX Majors and 500:1 leverage on FX Minors for Standard, ECN and MT5 accounts

200:1 leverage on FX Majors and Minors for FXTM Pro Trading Accounts

Max leverage may decrease as the notional value of trades increase above certain thresholds

up to 200:1 leverage for Standard and Standard MT5 Accounts

40% margin call level, 20% stop out levels for Account 1000:1, Micro, Standard and Standard MT5 Accounts. However, these may be increased prior to market close.

You can change your leverage to 1000:1, 888:1 or 700:1 at any time

Max leverage will be limited to 500:1 if your account equity exceeds USD 2000

Choose your leverage from 2:1 to Unlimited for cent, mini and classic accounts

Maximum leverage will vary by forex pair and account equity and will be decreased to 200:1 upon market close

Traders are only eligible for Unlimited Leverage if account equity is less than $1000, they have made at least 10 trades totaling more than 5 lots

Trades in excess of $20,000 are reduced to 200:1 leverage

You can set your own leverage between 1:1 to 888:1

Up to 500:1 leverage for Mini accounts. Max leverage decreased to 300:1 if account equity exceeds $3,000.

Up to 300:1 leverage for Standard accounts. Max leverage decreased to 100:1 if account equity exceeds $50,000.

Up to 400:1 leverage for floating spread accounts

Up to 200:1 leverage for fixed spreads accounts

Up to 400:1 on FX Majors, up to 50:1 on FX Minors

Up to 50:1 on Stock Indicies, Up to 20:1 on Individual Stocks

You can set leverage as low as 2:1 and as high as 400:1 for forex and the default setting will be 50:1

As we see above, forex brokers tend to offer the highest leverage ratios to the smallest accounts.  While this might seem counterintuitive, there are several reasons for doing this.  Firstly, although the leverage ratio may be higher, the absolute dollar amount at risk is lower for micro accounts given smaller trade sizes and account equity.  Secondly, higher leverage can also reduce the frequency of margins calls allowing new traders to withstand more market volatility without having to commit more capital.

Certain brokers like Roboforex, Exness and eToro will allow you set your own level of leverage within given parameters.  This is a nice feature for more risk adverse traders.

In addition to the maximum leverage ratios, be sure to allow at the top up and sell out levels applicable to your forex accounts.  This should be described in the terms and conditions of your brokerage agreement.  It will determine when your broker makes a margin call and when they may liquidate your positions if your trades go against you.  Also, keep in mind that certain brokers like NordFX and Exness may reduce the amount of leverage they provide upon market close.

Brokers will generally offer higher leverage to more liquid and less volatile instruments (e.g. FX majors, Indicies) and offer lower leverage on more thinly traded instruments (e.g. Bitcoin, Individual Equities).  Higher leverage on more stable pairs allows traders to generate attractive returns on small price changes.

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